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Date and hours 


JUNE 4 – 6

Build up

4 – 5 June 08:30 – 18:00

6 June 08:30 – 12:00 



Press Day 12:00 – 18:00 

JUNE 7 – 12

Opening hrs + Evening Program

7 – 11 June 12:00 – 23:00

12 June 12:00 – 17:00 


JUNE 12 – 13

Build off

12 June 17:30 – 23:00

13 June 07:00 – 16:00 


  • What is the address for public for Certosa Initiative?

Via Barnaba Oriani 27 20156 Milano

  • What is the address for build-up / transport?

Via G. Da Udine 45 20156 Milano

  • How to get there?

Tram 1 P.le Santorre Di Santarosa
Tram 14 V.le Certosa dopo di Via Tibullo metro M1 Uruguay
Train station: Milano Certosa railway

  • Do visitors need to register in advance to visit the location?

No, everybody is welcome to visit Certosa Initiative.

  • Will there be any registration system or scanning app for visitors/ exhibitors?

No, there won’t. You are free to ask the contact details of the visitors yourself.

  • Can we invite people?

Yes, please do! You’re welcome to let your whole network know that you are exhibiting at Certosa Initiative. When posting about Certosa Initiative, please make sure you tag us, and use our event hashtag #certosainitiative #certosainitiative22 @certosainitiative and @certosadistrict

  • Will there be catering available?

We are talking to several partners to arrange various catering points and bars in the outside area of Certosa Initiative.
In the neighbourhood you will find bars, restaurants and supermarkets.

  • Are there toilets at the location?

Yes, there are enough toilets in the building, for exhibitors and visitors.

  • Do you provide transport?

No, you are responsible for your own transport.
Netherlands only: Exhibitors arriving from the Netherlands may request a joint transport quotation at:
Send your quotation request, by email, including size, weight and type of packaging (pallets/boxes/ cardboard etc.) Our partners Bendewerkt will organise a joint transport to Milan form the Netherlands only.

  • How does build-up and dismantling work?

You are fully responsible for your own build-up (4-6 June) and dismantling (12-13 June). There are no build-up materials / tools available at the location.

  • Do we have to comply with stand building regulation / union?

Yes, you will have to comply with the Italian regulations / law. There is no union.

  • Can we access the location with a big truck?

The terrain is always accessible with small trucks (max 8m). On Saturday 4-6 and Monday 13-6 there are bigger trucks allowed. The trucks can get close to the cathedral as there are loading docks.

  • Is it possible to ship our work to the location in advance ?

No, unfortunately, we do not have any staff available at the location. The moment your work arrives, you are responsible for collecting it. If you cannot be at the location yourself at that moment, please arrange an alternative yourself.


What is the height of the ceilings in the Cathedral:

The ceiling is appr. 12 meter but the installations can’t go higher than 9 meter. Above 2 meter height, additional regulations apply.

  • What is the height of the ceilings in the Office spaces?

The ceiling is appr. 2.80 meter

  • What is the height of the ceilings in the vault?

The ceiling is appr. 2.25 meter

  • Can we hang structures/ lights/ anything to the ceiling or walls?

No 😉

  • Are there any PR & Communication packages?

Yes, you can find these at 2022/04/webCertosaInitiative_Presentatie.pdf

  • Can we order any stand building for walls and pedestals with the organisation?

Yes, we collaborate with a Dutch company, providing walls, stands, pedestals etc. for your exhibition. If you would like to work with them, send an email with your request detailed sketch, including all measurements and material requests to: They will provide a price quotation for your request.

  • Is it possible to drill/hang/make holes in floors/walls/ ceilings?

No, we have to return the spaces in original state. You may not drill or alter in any way the walls, ceilings and floors of our venue. Please exclusively use self-supporting solutions/constructions.

  • Is it possible to use tape to wall/floors and ceilings ?

Yes, only if you can remove the tape yourself without any damage.

  • How are the locations organised / situated?

All locations are on the same terrain and are linked with each other by a routing. The size of the terrain is app 150x75m

  • What kind of lighting will be at the location?

The location has general lighting throughout the building. We are not responsible for all light sources working.
You’re welcome to install your own lighting to highlight your exhibition, using self-supporting constructions.

  • Is there electricity available?

Yes, there are electrical points throughout the whole building. Each space has 1 electricity outlet. Please be sure to bring enough extension leads yourself.

  • What voltage/wattage is available?

Each socket is 230/220 Volt. Please remain within 100 Watt /1 kW. If your needs exceed this, please contact us. (use LED!)

  • Where are the electricity sockets?

Each space will have its own electricity socket. Please note that in some of the offices, a few sockets are positioned as ‘boxes’ on the floor. (See example image page 14). The positions vary per office space, on which we do not have specified information. We ask you to be flexible with this.


  • Can we paint existing walls/floors/doors.

No 😉

  • Will the location be empty and clean for the exhibition?

Yes, we will make sure the spaces are empty. If you want to sweep or mop the floor, we ask you to bring your own gear to do so.

  • Will there be any storage space?

Yes, there is storage space available, but please understand, this cannot be locked. Do not stock any valuable items; use of the storage is entirely at your own risk.

  • Are my designs insured during the exhibition?

No, we bear no liability for your items and designs. You have to arrange your own insurance for your exhibition items.

  • Do I need to be present in person during the exhibition?

You are welcome to step away for a few moments, but we want to avoid empty stands during the exhibition. You are responsible for your own presentation.

  • Are there parking options for exhibitors available? Are there costs involved?

Yes, there is parking, but it is not possible to enter and exit during the event. Once you are parked, you are parked for the duration of the event. Car/van/small truck will be behind a gate. Price for parking will be €25,- per day per car.

  • Are there parking options for visitors?


  • What do we do with trash during build-up and dismatling?

You are responsible for your own trash and packaging materials. We advise you to take it back home.

  • What do we do with daily trash?

There will be trash bins in and around the locations, for the public. Please arrange the collection of your own trash yourself. We will inform you on a later notice, what day Trash will be collected at the street.

  • Can I sell any products during the exhibition?

Legally, this is not allowed, but we do tolerate orders. You cannot communicate prices in your exhibition. Any sales are your own responsibility. The organisation can not be held responsible for any fines.


DIY store:
Leroy Merlin
Via Milano, Strada Statale 233 Varesina, Parco Commerciale di Baranzate

20021 Baranzate


Opening hours:
Sat 07:00 – 20:30 

Sun 09:00 – 20:00

Mon 07:00 – 20:30

Distance: appr. 10 km

DIY store:


Viale Certosa, 59,

20149 Milano

+39 02 3658 0664


Fri 09:00–20:00

Sat 09:00–20:00

Sun 10:00–19:00

Mon 09:00–20:00

Distance: appr. 2 km


Via Filippo Palizzi, 69,

20157 Milano



Opening hours:
Monday – Saturday 07:30–21:00

Sunday 08:00–20:00


Please send us an email at

Keep an eye on our website for updated info. We will update this document in the upcoming weeks, based on available info.

Communicate about your event on socials: Please make sure you tag us, and use our event hashtag #certosainitiative #certosainitiative22 @certosainitiative and @certosadistrict



Address Certosa Initiative 

Via Barnaba Oriani 27, 20156 Milano


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